Keith Conway

Keith Conway is a change agent.

Some people call him a UX consultant, and to others, he is known as solid product designer with a keen eye for services. Keith however, considers himself a lifelong learner who motivates monolithic corporate cultures toward collective action.

An ardent student of complex systems, Keith leverages service design and systems thinking to identify patterns between seemingly unrelated signals, then facilitates hands on workshops with clients to bridge the gap between disparate value systems. This collaborative approach is grounded in an innate ability to architect win-win solutions that solve unmet customer and business needs simply, grow positive corporate culture based on a shared value system, and finally create new modes of profitability for the organization to reinvest back in change.

In his free time, Keith studies cycles and patterns found in nature, complexity theory, atmospheric dynamics, macroeconomics, security, ancient astrology, HAM radio, and wilderness medicine.


Services Include

Selected Work

Below is a video of a talk Keith recently gave at DEFCON 25 in the Social Engineering Village. The talk defines a new method of business transformation by outlining an iterative framework along three main vectors: assess the people and environment, craft a narrative, then utilize timing to deliver your message for maximum impact.

The Code

1. Keep your head up
2. Remember who you are
3. Cut your losses
4. Two is one, one is none
5. Pick your battles, but stand your ground
6. Leave them better than they found you
7. Trust your intuition
8. Don't mistake confidence with competency
9. Intensely Intentional
10. Leave No Trace
11. Be water
12. Look out for #1
13. Semper Paratus (always ready)
14. The Truth will Set You Free
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