Digital Transformation
for the Exponential Age

There is so much change happening in the world, that what worked in the past will no longer work in the future.
Algirhythm helps businesses rediscover their core value, co-create their vision, then design an experience that resonates with their customers.
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What's It For?


Algirhythm is a strategic consultancy advising managers and founders how to transform their customer experience by leveraging future waves of change.

We specialize in designing large, continuous, and complex experiences.
World Class Clients

Tangible Outcomes

2x DEF CON speaker on how to change corporate culture, and how cannabis legalization is a back door play to protect dollar hegemony. Also predicted the rise of BLM and civil war.

Honors project for Seth Godin’s altMBA cohort 18. Bitcoin is a tactical nuke designed to destroy dollar hegemony - but not the way you think.

Macy’s messaged our design on quarterly earnings call and stock price went up $10/share or $3B value in market cap. Amazon patented what we designed one year later.

User Experience work on Coca-Cola and Americans Elect sold LBi to Publicis for $540MM, Digitas later rebranded as Digitas LBi.

We Have Entered
The Exponential Age

“If you count to thirty linearly, you get to thirty. If you count to thirty exponentially, you get a billion”

- Ray Kurzweil
Change is snowballing at a rate which humans are struggling to keep up

Filter the Noise,
Distill the Vision

Today, there is simply too much information to process all at once. In order to leverage future waves of change, you need to filter the noise through four channels to develop a cohesive worldview.

History doesn’t always repeat, but it does rhyme. By understanding where you are relative to a broader historical cycle, you place yourself on the peak of incoming waves for maximum impact with minimal effort.


Understand how to leverage technological change that fundamentally alters the cost structure of what’s possible in the customer experience, to solve unmet needs in novel ways.

Design Thinking

Empathetic understanding of the people and problems you’re solving enables true solutions to be tested and adapted against quickly.  Design a simple system that works first - then scale it.


As data becomes a new currency, and conflict is increasingly waged in bits (not bombs) - security becomes a top priority for everyone.

Build Better Flywheels

The best customer experience wins. Today any great product or service is a living organism. Building a flywheel enables a foundation to propell your vision against. Simplicity, convenience, and trust are the basline for any great customer experience.

Reduce the friction in the customer experience as much as possible.


Genuinely improve your customers quality of life, or giving them their time back.


Be a transparent and honest steward with your customer’s data.

Socially Responsible 

When you design to create triple win situations, you improve the quality of life of three necessary groups in parallel. That is the baseline to induce sustainable transformational change. Architecting triple wins accelerates the human flywheel, enabling your service to achieve liftoff towards your vision.

Businesses need positive cash flow and to be constantly learning from each customer interaction. Otherwise, you can’t adapt to future change.


Create great jobs and corporate culture that employees can take pride in doing. By instilling great values and work ethic into your employees, they force multiply those values out to the rest of the world.


Solve your customer’s unmet needs simply, and deliver the best customer experience possible. When technology pushes the cost of almost everything to zero, the difference in your product or service is the experience.

A Vision Beyond Time

We spent the last 2,000 years converting atoms to bits. We’ll spend the next 20 years converting those bits back to atoms, all while encoding our consciousness into the data - and beaming ourselves across the stars.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Elon Musk.
Limit of what's possible