algirhythm is a strategic design and intelligence consultancy specializing in digital transformation for the exponential age

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a common buzzword that usually means trying to do something radically different within an entrenched culture, by attaching some massive tech spend to the endeavor.

  • What it means in actuality is that physical atoms have been converting into digital bits of information. The real transformation is moving from atoms to bits and back again. Ie rematerializing or reorganizing physical atoms from digital information.

  • As we begin converting bits back into atoms, we will eventually be able to encode our consciousness into the data - and beam ourselves across the stars.

The Exponential Age

Change isn’t just constant, the rate of change is exponential. Put another way, change is snowballing and people are struggling to keep up.

  • Humans are evolutionarily programmed to think linearly, and we are screaming at the speed of light through the dawn of the exponential age.

  • Lenin once said “there are decades where nothing happens, and weeks where decades happen.”

  • As we look back, the year 2020 will no doubt yield a decade of change. The 2020’s however, will bring a century of change. By 2040 - a millennium or 1,000 years of change will have elapsed.

Who’s It For?

  • Leaders who have to make difficult decisions in complex environments.

  • Leaders who need to understand the unseen dynamics in an environment of increasing change.

  • Leaders who need to redesign their total organization without turning it off.

What’s It For?

  • All societal challenges are inherently rooted in complex systems.

  • The combination of new technology, new business models, and new business organization requires lots of creativity (more than most people have) - all while designing and reframing your brand in the context of exponential change.

  • Joe Norman put it best. You want to think in terms of complex systems: you don’t know all the relevant mechanisms at play, and there is potential for interactions you don’t understand or foresee.

  • To achieve this, Algirhythm operates at the nexus of four primary domains: design thinking, security, cycles, and economics.

  • We represent world class customer experience design, who can also decode and reassemble your business and culture.

How Do We Do It?

  • The algirhythm framework is optimized for thinking through and redesigning the most complex problems facing our society today - and doing so in a way that leaves no one behind.

  • Masterminding change operations within your organization.

  • Helping people and businesses get back to resonating with their core truth, then building the vision and roadmap that helps them grow into their destiny.

  • Identifying and catching future waves of change, then force multiplying groups and communities along a shared vision and value system.

    We find, fund, train future change agents of the free world. The .net in algirhythm represents this network.


  • Algirhythm transforms your legacy challenges into innovations by redesigning the customer experience, business, and culture all at once.

  • History rhymes, so we identify where you exist relative to a range of cycles - such as the product adoption lifecycle, the business cycle, macro astro cycles, and the cycle of monolith to name a few.

  • Once it’s understood where you are within the broader waves of change, we identify how leveraging precise technological breakthroughs, can fundamentally alter the cost structure of your business, and deliver simple solutions that solve unmet customer needs.

  • This is how algirhythm redesigns your company. The result is that you not only survive this rapidly changing environment, but leverage the future waves of change and thrive.

World View

  • As the world awakens from the collective corona haze, we inherit the immense responsibility to repair a broken system that affects the entire world. How we balance explosive technological progress while maintaining our essential freedoms, will be the most salient challenge of our time.

  • The reality today is that exponential technological change has democratized power to the point that mutually assured destruction is now available to non-state as well as nation state actors.

  • Regardless of where a person calls home, the common thread we all share is that most people desire to give their families a brighter future than they previously had.

  • This is a critical juncture in history. As humanity begins to blur the boundaries of science, self, and spirit - this dilemma will become increasingly more difficult to define what it means to be human.

    Algirhythm exists to help shape that new shared vision and value system. All while leading the conversation grounded in truth and integrity.


  • Algirhythm was founded in 2004 by Keith Conway. Keith’s clients describe him as a McKinsey meets James Bond.

  • The case studies featured on algirhythm.net span a decade of digital transformation work remastered for the exponential age. Most projects were innovative or ahead of their time, and each case is culturally significant given the context of today: election security and voting on the internet in 2012, legalization of cannabis and it’s geoeconomic implications, and Amazon patenting his design for Macy’s.

  • People typically seek Keith out for his vision, thinking, and pattern recognition.

  • Keith believes that when you design from truth, you can rapidly iterate and test new solutions, thus gaining faster feedback to improve the system at all levels: customer, business, and culture.

  • Keith wrote his graduate thesis at The Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU on how to build successful, online, thriving communities.