A talk given at the DEFCON 26 hacker conference, illustrating the real intent behind the legalization of cannabis in the US. A mass social engineering operation to renegotiate the social contract of the world.



This case originated as a talk at DEFCON 26 hacking conference with @MyCreativeWaves, in the Cannabis Village.

  • The theme of DEFCON 26 was 1983, one year before Orwell’s famed 1984. The idea being to propose a counter-future to the Orwellian nightmare, so a better world could emerge from this one.

Image of three resonant waves.
Making friends with the D.A.R.E folks in LA while prepping for our talk.


This case reveals how cannabis legalization is really a massive social engineering effort designed to protect dollar hegemony.

  • Legalization is just one tool in the social engineering arsenal being leveraged to redefine the social contract between people, state, and the world.

  • By legalizing cannabis, you simultaneously legalize industrial hemp.

  • This positions the U.S. to control a multi-trillion dollar constellation of industries spanning petrochemical, pharmaceutical, agriculture, food, forestry, consumer entertainment, automotive, and aerospace industries via the industrial hemp market.

Legalizing cannabis enables the U.S. to reopen major international trade treaties, and write new regulations dictating who reaps the benefit from future value creation of industrial hemp and data as commodities.

  • Your data and industrial hemp will backstop a new digital currency, because hemp and data tap into all the major supply chains in the world, and are almost limitless resources that will fuel global exponential growth.

  • The knock-on effects challenge individual security and self sovereignty, ultimately leading us into a bigger crisis which will likely culminate in a Digital Bill of Rights.

  • Cannabis legalization is fundamentally about freedom of thought and individualism, and that is what the invisible hands seek to control.

If you’re short on time, watch this three minute segment of our talk and you will get a quick overview of the crisis over our social contract. Talk at DEFCON 26 on Youtube.


The DEFCON talk laid out several predictions which came true after Summer of 2018:

  • Cannabis stocks are booming (as of July 2021).

  • Hemp brought the colonists to the new world by providing adequate material for sails and rope required to make the voyage across the ocean.

  • Hemp became so valuable and useful that as an incentive to grow more hemp, Virginia made it legal to use hemp to pay taxes in Virginia. George Washington grew hemp.

  • Although the final version of The Declaration of Independence was written on parchment, earlier drafts were purported to be written on dutch (hemp) paper. Versions of the Gutenberg Bible were even printed on hemp paper.

  • Original federal reserve notes ($10 bills issued in 1914) were printed on hemp, with pictures of hemp being cultivated on the back of the $10 bill.

Hemp History Highlights

Hemp is as old as civilization itself. Historical records of cultivation began over 10,000 years ago in modern day Taiwan and China. This is the time period around when modern agriculture was first invented.

  • China used hemp as early as the 2nd century BCE for clothing, paper money, and to make books.

  • Legislation is beginning to happen all across the USA, and is getting more attention on the federal level.

  • Hemp was federally legalized in 2018 Farm Bill (December 11, 2018).

  • Forecasted escalation of Black Lives Matter movement, and impending Civil War.

  • Introduced gray zone warfare tactics and their application before it entered the general lexicon (bits not bombs is how future warfare is waged).

  • Canadian Hemp representative on Council For Inclusive Capitalism (validates that future hegemon wants control of valuable resources).

  • Corona Virus Parallels: social engineering techniques and vectors we saw, manifested and amplified in full force during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Image of sketchbook and patches.
Back of a 1904 $10 Bill. The left side of the bill shows hemp being cultivated. (Source: ebay).
Image of sketchbook and patches.
Andrew Mellon, then Secretary of the Treasury’s signature on the front of the 1914 $10 bill (source: ebay).

If you look closely on the front of the bill, you will see Andrew Mellon’s signature on the bottom right of the bill.  He was the Treasury Secretary at the time.

  • Mellon was the head of Standard oil and Secretary of the Treasury at the time. Mellon was also the uncle to Harry Anslinger, the first commissioner to the US Treasury Department’s Federal Bureau of Narcotics who eventually outlawed hemp.


Social Contract Origins

The idea of a social contract originated during the enlightenment and was popularized from Thomas Hobbes work Leviathan.

  • The basic premise is that individuals give up some freedoms and submit to an authority in exchange for protection of their remaining rights.

  • Hobbes believed that civil war or a “war against all” (anarchy) could only be avoided by a strong centralized governing force.

Image of the cover of Thomas Hobbes Leviathan
Cover photo for Thomas Hobbes Leviathan. (Source: Wikipedia).

The social contract affects everyone in the world now because data and technology have infiltrated everything.

  • Humanity has never been this interconnected in our collective history.

  • That means information and therefore change, moves at the speed of light across the world.

Emergence Of The Dollar Hegemon

A container ship in a storm (Source: Hapag-Lloyd).

After WWII, in exchange for all international trade being denominated in dollars, Bretton Woods made the US the protector of all global trade routes.

  • Aside from creating the IMF and World Bank, the Bretton Woods agreement facilitated an explosion in global free trade, because as long as everyone transacted in dollars - the US ensured that global trade would flow freely.

  • This afforded the U.S. great power because it required them as the world reserve currency, to print incredible amounts of money in order to supply enough liquidity into the global financial system.

The Shadow Banking System

Jeff Snider and Erik Townsend created Eurodollar University on Macro Voices, to illustrate the complex interdependencies of the shadow banking system (Source: Macrovoices and Alhambra Partners).

As globalization flourished, the dollar’s role evolved into something called the Eurodollar System. The Eurodollar System is actually what's backing the global financial system right now.

  • In layman's terms, the Eurodollar system is a global, reserve-less, offshore credit system - that transacts in a dynamic interbank liability system as a medium of exchange.

  • Most economists have no idea how this works, let alone the general public.

  • This is what replaced the Bretton Woods system with gold backing dollar hegemony.

Chart from the original Harvard lecture outlining the main differences between what is perceived as the global dolar backed system, and the reality of the Eurodollar System (Source: Alhambra Partners).

After the housing crisis in 2008, the Eurodollar System broke - and central banks had to print over $20 Trillion in global money supply to prevent a complete global meltdown.

  • Most economists have no idea how this works, let alone the general public.

  • Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi painting (Savior of the World) sold for a record $450.3 Million to the Saudi Minister of Culture Badr bin Abdullah Al Saud on November 15, 2017.

Image of the cover of Thomas Hobbes Leviathan
Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi Painting circa 1500. (Source: Wikipedia).

The Dollar Is About To Break

Chart of America's Finances
Chart illustrating the national debt, deficit, and revenue for the United States. (Source Jon Gabriel).

Deficits now matter, because the US is at a point where it can’t afford the future US liabilities and impending demographic changes.

  • This means that the old way of doing things (printing unlimited money supply and continuously spending) will no longer work to maintain dollar hegemony.

  • The theoretical limit of the dollar is ultimately backed by confidence.

  • That social contract, i.e. that we pay taxes and receive a strong rule of law and protection from the military - is about to break.

Impending Civil Conflict

Neil Howe, discusses the four phases and implications behind the 80 year cycle in his book The Fourth Turning. (Source: CNBC Power Lunch on Youtube).

When society loses confidence in the system that governs them, that zeitgeist usually leads to war of revolution.

  • Neil Howe talks about this in his book The 4th Turning, and even admits himself that we are entering a 4th turning period right now.

  • The theoretical limit of the dollar is ultimately backed by confidence.

  • That social contract, i.e. that we pay taxes and receive a strong rule of law and protection from the military - is about to break.

4th turning cycles transposed over the entire history of the United States. Neil Howe speaking to Savannah College of Art and Design in ‘Guests and Gusto’. (Source Youtube).

Astrologically speaking, the US is about to experience some curious transits that support this trend.

  • Most importantly, in February 2022 - the US will exact a Pluto Return in Capricorn (law and order / the rules). This is a 248 year transit that symbolizes a sort of phoenix rising death and rebirth moment.

  • After roughly 165 years, Neptune (ruling deception and the fog of war) is returning back to a point in Pisces where it last was during the Civil War and The Salem Witch Trials.

  • There are signs everywhere, even in the street art in New York City.

Image of sketchbook and patches.
Close up of Kill Cops street art sticker. The text read until there is equal accountability for murder, it is totally fair to kill cops. Brooklyn, NY 2018. (Source: Keith Conway)
Image of sketchbook and patches.
Kill Cops street art sticker. Street art forecasts the zeitgeist of society before it manifests. In this case, the Black Lives Matter Movement in 2020. Brooklyn, NY 2018. (Source: Keith Conway)

Bits Not Bombs

‘Humans will become hackable animals’ says Yuval Noah Harai at Davos 2020. Harai forecasts the emergence of digital dictatorships, bestowed with the power combining biological knowledge, computing power, and data (Source: Youtube starts at 8:39).

The nature of warfare is constantly changing. In the exponential age, the future of warfare will be fought not with bombs - but bits.

  • It is the control of our information that will be manipulated, censored, and changed over time.

  • Citizens’ data will be leveraged to socially engineer the populace. China is doing this now with a social credit score.

  • The ultimate goal will eventually be to reach and edit the DNA of all organisms around us.

Data: The New Currency Regime

Image caption TBD

The future currency regime will ultimately lead to a basket of CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) tied to a crypto backdated SDR, most likely managed by an institution like the IMF.

  • Sovereign nations will back their own CBDCs with a combination of gold, commodities, and sovereign data-backed credit systems.

  • With the recent pandemic, health data - especially DNA will become the most valuable.

  • This new data regime will also facilitate a total surveillance state under the guide of health security.

  • “(US) law enforcement agencies are entitled to access (genetic data) without a warrant if you are the victim or suspect in a criminal investigation" - (WIRED, 2019). If domestic anti terrorism laws expand scope of who is a criminal, there is no check and balance.


Never Waste A Good Crisis

Brief overview of Niccolo Machiavelli’s political theory. Machiavelli was often referred to as the father of modern political philosophy. (Source: Youtube).

Niccolo Machiavelli once wrote “never waste the opportunity offered by a good crisis.”

  • Politicians are masters at Hegel’s Dialectics, whereby a politician will introduce or encourage a problem (crisis), knowing very well that people will react emotionally and demand a solution.

  • The solution typically benefits the politicians and furthers a politically motivated agenda or gathers more powers into the hands of the state.

Never Waste A Good Crisis

After WWI, the first meeting of the Assembly of the League of Nations (pictured) was formed as the first global organization with the goal of world peace. The International Opium Conferences listed below were a subset of commissions under the broader umbrella of The League of Nations. (Source: Wikipedia).

In 1912, the First International Opium Conference created the first international drug control treaty.

  • The goal was to control international trade by criminalizing the use of ‘narcotics’. Namely opium, coca, and cannabis.

  • At the 1925 League of Nations Second Opium Conference, an Egyptian delegate claimed that “Indian Hemp” was as dangerous as opium, and therefore should be subject to the same restrictions.

  • The ‘narcotics crisis’ was used as a way to control global trade by furthering an agenda of global prohibition.

Controlling The Narrative

How Harry Anslinger Started The War on Drugs. Johann Hari a Brittish-Swiss writer and journalist appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience #1250. (Source: Youtube).

In 1930, prohibition was beginning to fail as a social policy in the US. Harry Anslinger, then commissioner of the Treasury Department’s Federal Bureau of Narcotics, knew the power of his position would also wane.

  • Anslinger launched a mass media based propaganda campaign designed to demonize casual cannabis users including a Hollywood film Reefer Madness.

  • The campaign fueled national fear and aided in the passage of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, which placed a tax on the sale of cannabis and required an official stamp of approval from the government.

Image of sketchbook and patches.
Still from Reefer Madness (1936). A propaganda film designed to portray marijuana users as violent addicted criminals, who attempted suicide and rape. The film had other titles including Tell your Children, Dope Addict, Doped Youth, and Love Madness. (Source: AGFA Reefer Madness Trailer - Youtube).
  • Anslinger’s media campaigns fueled the prison industrial complex calling for ‘tough judges not afraid to throw killer-pushers into prison and throw away the key’ in ‘an epidemic of crimes committed by young people.’

  • Hemp, having a low but non-psychoactive amount of THC (0.3% or less), was bundled into the anti-cannabis law by association.

  • There are theories about William Randolph Hearst, the paper media magnate of the day, and Andrew Mellon (Anslinger’s uncle-in-law and Secretary of the Treasury) having a hand in making hemp illegal due to their own investments having conflict of interests with hemp.

  • The result was mass incarceration led to a new form of population control.

Reversing The Narrative

Drake appeared on Saturday Night Live. On the show his character impersonates Kat Williams, a notorious cannabis user, who recently moved to Colorado. Where cannabis was just legalized in 2014. (Source: Youtube).

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp has been decoupled from illegal ‘narcotic’ (schedule 1) status with cannabis.

  • The narrative reverses to “rehabilitate users” instead of demonizing them. Even Brookings is advocating racial justice and social equity to reverse the war on drugs via cannabis legalization.

  • This change was due to the revelation that there is a massive and efficient economic benefit by exploiting the full potential of industrial hemp.

  • Many states are beginning to legalize cannabis at the state level, while mass media continues to play an equally important role in controlling the message.

In New York, people convicted of misdemeanors as a result of cannabis related conviction are now having their records automatically expunged.

  • HR666 - (2021) The CDC must declare racism a public health crisis, collect and analyze data, and administer research grants.

  • The day before, Elizabeth Warren sent a memo to the SEC Chair demanding an answer for cryptocurrency legislation.

  • Meanwhile, other politicians are exempt from insider trading.

  • After winning the women’s 100-meter at the US track and field trials in Oregon, Sha'Carri Richardson tested positive for marijuana in a routine drug test, and subsequently was not included on the relay roster for the Olympics in Japan.

  • AOC - a future presidential hopeful for the Democratic party has vocally spoken out on twitter stating that cannabis isn’t performance enhancing, and eventually received a response from the USDA.

  • Politicians, institutions, and the media aren’t letting the crisis of systemic racism go to waste.

Image of sketchbook and patches.
Sha’Carri Richadrson after winning the women’s 100-meter final at the US Olympic track and field trials in Eugene, Oregon. (Photo: Patrick Smith / Getty Images).


Liability Bomb

The US can’t afford its future liabilities for Medicare, Medicaid, and the Defense budget required to maintain the global order.

  • There are only three ways out, grow, tax, or inflate.

  • When the cost to service the debt exceeds the amount of economic output, you default.

  • This will lead the government to create inflation (print tons of money) and tax cannabis.

  • Tax will be applied to the whole value chain  from grower to consumer. The proceeds will be used for social justice initiatives again to solidify future voting blocks.

War On Cash

Chart of America's Finances
Holding cash is considered to have a negative connotation today. Something only criminals would do.

Banks won’t fund cannabis operations because of the Schedule 1 status of cannabis as well as KYC and AML regulations.

  • Governments hate cash because it’s untraceable. Narratives attaching cash to criminal behavior are increasing as well as “expert” opinions advocating for a ban on cash.

  • Governments are in the process of getting rid of cash, because the alternative is total electronic payments tied to a centralized digital identity.

  • The Swiss national bank started recalling banknotes.

  • India went semi-cashless in 2016 and transitioned to the controversial Aadhaar system which ended up becoming a de facto identity system.

  • The goal is for every transaction to be tracked, traced, and stopped if necessary.

Terms Of Service Back Hack

When everything is digitized, the Terms of Service you tacitly agree to end up subverting rights guaranteed to you by the Constitution.

  • As our world becomes more digitized, this provides a whole new level of control. Ultimately, you can get shut out of payments and banking system.

  • Censoring speech and search results are the next step. This paves the way for a social credit score like in China.

  • On twitter, the Declaration of Independence is hate speech now, and their AI discriminates against veterans wounded in war.

  • The same way language controlled people through international treaty law, has moved into Terms Of Service agreements of Corporations.

  • This restricts your right to face your accuser, i.e. you're guilty until proven innocent instead of innocent until proven guilty.

Mark To Market Data

Data is now massaged so that models or outputs are designed to say what you want, or data is collected in a specific way that corroborates your view.

The Green Economy

The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Ubiquitous, mobile supercomputing. Artificially-intelligent robots. Self-driving cars. Neuro-technological brain enhancements. Genetic editing. The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed. (Source: World Economic Forum - Youtube).

In the new Green Economy everything is Artificial Intelligence based, where all data is traced, controlled, and leveraged to create a new debt system.

  • Patentability of cannabis and hemp strains to control future cash flows by managing the source, through sale, and consumption.

  • This new data-backed supply chain is the foundation for what the WEF calls The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • What it means in actuality is total control of our physical lives via an almost omniscient management of our digital information.


The Rest Of The World Comes Online

As the rest of the world begins to come online (roughly 4 billion people), a massive wave of demand for limited resources will follow.

  • In order to provide a lifestyle comparable to the west, this level of demand is unsustainable.

  • Data harvesting and identity systems will serve as a new replacement for the failing eurodollar system, as well as a mechanism to control the populace to guarantee safety and ‘equitable’ resource allocation.

ESG Visions

The new Environmental, Social, and Governance mandates from the UN and WEF want to change the social contract of the world in an attempt to make the world more ‘socially conscious.’

  • What this does is restrict emerging markets from mining their own natural resources , unless there are minerals that will fuel the new green economy in western markets.

  • Resource extraction will likely be required to be backed by IMF loans.

  • With new ESG demands, emerging markets won’t be able to leverage energy efficiency from oil and petroleum like the west did - further putting them at an economic disadvantage.

Carbon Tax Cartels

Carbon taxes will become the new revenue stream for governments because global demographics are about to implode.

  • ‘Net Zero’ Emissions are an accounting trick to push pollution into developing economies while western nations ‘go green.’


Great For The Environment

The science of hemp backs up the many environmental benefits and advantages of hemp over traditional petroleum, forestry, and agricultural processes.

  • Carbon Sequestration: Hemp is scientifically proven to absorb more CO2 per acre than any forest or commercial crop available. This makes Hemp a proven and effective solution for carbon sequestration (325KG / carbon per metric ton of hemp). One hectare of industrial hemp can absorb 15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare.

  • No Pesticides Required: Hemp is non-GMO a natural weed killer and can be grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. This makes hemp suitable for cultivation near surface water.

  • High Cellulose Content: Hemp has a high cellulose content. The higher the cellulose content, the stronger the structural integrity. Dried hemp is approximately 57% vs cotton fiber 90% and wood at 40-50%.

  • Restores Soil Health: Hemp can be used for land reclamation (phytoremediation) and cleaning land polluted by heavy metals. Hemp was even used in the Chernobyl disaster cleanup to remove radioactive strontium and cesium.

  • Grows Super Fast: Hemp grows four meters in 100 days, making it one of the fastest C02 to biomass conversion tools available.

  • Little Waste: Virtually every part of the plant can be used; seeds, stalks, leaves, and roots providing limitless opportunities for use including low carbon construction.

  • Bees Love Hemp: As a wind pollinated crop, hemp produces pollen and attracts bees. This offers a great solution to the disappearing bee problem, which was found to be due to heavy pesticide use.

Tons Of Uses

In addition to the environmental benefits of hemp, there are limitless uses where hemp can replace more toxic or energy intensive alternatives. Some replacement uses include:

Massive Market Potential

Market potential for hemp is massive, it will encompass a multi trillion dollar constellation of industries. Industrial hemp stands to disrupt the following markets:

History Rhymes

Hemp began by enabling humanity to eat, read, write, transact, and build empires by venturing to the new world.

  • Hemp will become a staple crop in the exponential age because it grows fast, doesn’t pollute, and can replace more toxic alternatives.

  • The future of hemp will repeat the cycle of evolution by helping humanity once again explore new worlds, and journey beyond the stars.

Image of three resonant waves.
Carl Sagan’s ‘Lost Lecture’: The Age of Exploration. (Source: Youtube).

Carl Sagan the famed astronomer who created Cosmos, wrote an essay under the pseudonym Mr. X titled Marihuana Reconsidered.

  • Sagan wrote about its history and how he thought it had been a positive force in his life. His first thought while using cannabis was supposedly “we are a way for the universe to know itself”.

Carl Sagan once curiously posited:

  • “It would be wryly interesting if in human history the cultivation of marijuana led generally to the invention of agriculture, and thereby to civilization.”

Image of sketchbook and patches.
Photo taken May 7, 2020 Grand Street NYC. New York finally started receiving shipments of toilet paper after a national shortage.
Future Social Contract